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Past Special Issues

Publication date Title Guest Editor(s)
December 2023 Special Issue on Frontiers in Computational Electromagnetics Branislav M. Notaroš, Francesco P. Andriulli and Hakan Bagci
October 2022 Special Issue on Smart Electromagnetic Environment F. Yang, D. Erricolo, and A. Massa
September 2022 Special Issue on Low-Cost Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning Antennas S. Gao, Y. J. Guo, S. Safavi-Naeini, W. Hong, and X.-X. Yang
August 2022 Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence: New Frontiers in Real-Time Inverse Scattering and Electromagnetic Imaging M. Arrebola, M. Li, and M. Salucci
July 2022 Special Issue on Machine Learning in Antenna Design, Modeling, and Measurements F. Andriulli, P.-Y. Chen, D. Erricolo, and J.-M. Jin
June 2022 Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Radio Propagation for Communications R. He, B. K. Lau, C. Oestges, K. Haneda, and B. Liu
November 2021 Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of In-Band Full-Duplex Applications D. Erricolo, D. S. Filipovic, K. Haneda, and Z. Zhang
March 2020 Special Issue on Recent Advances in Metamaterials and Metasurfaces A. K. Iyer, A. Alù, and A. Epstein
August 2019 Special Issue on Wireless Real-Time Heald Monitoring Technology For Personalized Medicine G. Lazzi, R. Lee, and K. S. Nikita
April 2019 Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation- Part II T. K. Sarkar, G. Lombardi, V. Monebhurrun, and M. Krairiksh
December 2018 Special Issue on Radio Wave Propagation T. K. Sarkar, G. Lombardi, V. Monebhurrun, and M. Krairiksh
December 2017 Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 5G Communications D. Liu, W. Hong, T. S. Rappaport, C. Luxey, and W. Hong
July 2016 Special Issue on Theory and Applications of Characteristic Modes B. K. Lau, H. Arai, D. Manteuffel & S. V. Hum
April 2015 Special Issue on Antennas for Satellite Communications S. Gao, Y. J. Guo & N. F. Chamberlain
April 2014 Special Issue on Innovative Phased Array Antennas Based on Non-Regular Lattices and Overlapped Subarrays G. Toso and R. Mailloux
March 2014 Antenna Systems and Propagation for Cognitive Radio J. Bernhard, E. Bonek, C.G. Christodoulou,
D. Kunkee & K.L. Melde
April 2013 Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation at mm- and Sub mm-Waves D. Liu, J. Hirokawa, J. Costa, C. Fernandes &
R. Sauleau
February 2012 Special Issue on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) J. W. Wallace, J. B. Andersen, B. K. Lau, B. Daneshra, and J. Takada
June 2011 Special Issue on Antennas for Next Generation Radio Telescopes K. F. Warnick, M. V. Ivashina & S. G. Hay
October 2009 Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation Aspects of 60–90 GHz Wireless Communications Y.J. Guo, D. Liu & N.C. Bird
April 2009 Special Issue on Antennas and Propagation on Body-Centric Wireless Communications P. Hall, Y. Hao & K. Ito
August 2008 Special Issue on Large and Multiscale Computational Electromagnetics J.-M. Jin & E. Michaelssen
November 2007 Special Issue on Optical and THz Antenna Technology G.W. Hanson & P. de Maagt
June 2007 Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Environments: A Tribute to Leopold B. Felsen S. Maci, E. Heyman, & H. L. Bertoni
March 2007 Special Issue on Synthesis and Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetics and Antenna System Design Y. Rahmat-Samii & C. Christodoulou
November 2006 Special Issue on Wireless Communications M. F. Iskander, M. Ando, M. A. Jensen &
R. G. Vaughan
February 2006 Special Issue on Multifunction Antennas and Antenna Systems J. Papapolymerou & J. T. Bernhard
August 2005 Special Issue on Multifunction Antennas and Antenna Systems T.S. Bird
January 2005 Special Issue on Artificial Magnetic Conductors, Soft/Hard Surfaces, and other Complex Surfaces P-S. Kildal, A.A. Kiskh & S. Maci
October 2003 Special Issue on Metamaterials R.W. Ziolkowski & N. Engheta
May 2002 Special issue on Wireless Information Technology and Networks M.F. Iskander & J.W. Mink
December 2001  Special Issue on Millennium Day of Diffraction V. Grikunov, G. Pelosi & J.L. Volakis
September 2000 Special Issue: In Memoriam: James R. Wait D.G. Dudley, H-Y. Pao & D.A. Hill
March 1999 Special Issue on Phased Arrays R.J. Mailloux
June 1998 Special Issue on Wireless Communications Y. Rahmat-Samii & W.L. Stutzman
January 1998 Special Issue on Low-grazing-angle Backscatter from Rough Surfaces G.S. Brown
March 1997 Special Issue on Advanced Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics R.D. Graglia, R.J. Luebbers & D.R. Wilton
September 1995 Packaging Technologies for Phased Array Technologies R.N. Simons & S.R. Taub
May 1989 Radar Cross Sections Of Complex Objects W.R. Stone
June 1988 Near Field-scanning Techniques E.S. Gillespie
March 1986 Special Issue on Adaptive Processing Antenna Systems W.F. Gabriel
March 1981 Inverse Methods in Electromagnetics W.M. Boerner, A.K. Jordan & I.W. Kay
January 1981 Special Issue on Microstrip Antennas D.C. Chang
January 1978 Special Issue on Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse E.F. Vance, J.H. Darrah, R.J. Haislmaier &
R.J. Bostak
January 1977 Special Issue on Radio Oceanography C.T. Swift
September 1976 Special issue on Adaptive Antennas W.F. Gabriel
January 1974 Special Issue on Conformal Arrays W.H. Kummer
July 1973 Special Issue on Antenna Measurements J.S. Hollis
July 1970 Special Issue on Millimeter Wave Antennas and Propagation A.W. Straiton
July 1969 Special Issue on Spacecraft Antennas L.J. Ricardi
January 1967 Special Issue on Partial Coherence F.J. Zucker
December 1964 Radio and Radar Astronomy J.D. Kraus
March 1964 Special Issue on Active and Adaptive Antennas R.C. Hansen
May 1963 Special Issue on Electromagnetic Waves in the Earth J.R. Wait
January 1962 Plasma Physics K.M. Siegel
January 1961 Radio Astronomy L.V. Berkner