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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2022

IEEE Fellows evaluated by AP-S

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2022 IEEE AP-S Fellows


No image Amin Abbosh
“for contributions to electromagnetic medical imaging“

No image Nacer Chahat
“for development of CubeSat and Spacecraft antennas for interplanetary missions“

No image Hongsheng Chen
“for contributions to electromagnetic metamaterial and invisibility cloak“

No image Tommaso Isernia
“for contributions on antennas synthesis and inverse scattering problems“

No image Buon Kiong Lau
“for contributions to multi-antenna systems in wireless communications“

No image Xiuyin Zhang
“for contributions to the design of filtering antennas“

No image Jiang Zhu
“for contributions to antenna design for wireless communications“


2022 Fellows elevated from other societies


No image Apostolos Georgiadis
“for contributions to designs of RF energy harvesting circuits“

No image Moriyasu Miyazaki
“for leadership in developments of airborne active-phased-array radars and satellite communication microwave subsystems“

No image Anh-vu Pham

No image Christopher Rodenbeck
“for contributions to radar microsystems for ultrawideband and millimeter-wave applications“

No image Daniel Van Der Weide
“for contributions to ultrafast terahertz electronics and biomedical applications of microwave technologies“

No image Christian Waldschmidt
“for contributions to millimeter wave automotive radar sensors“