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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2016

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2016 IEEE Fellows evaluated by AP-S

No imageIan Craddock
“for leadership in imaging for healthcare applications”

erricoloDanilo Erricolo
“for contributions to electromagnetic scattering and associated computational algorithms”

EsselleKaru Esselle
“for contributions to resonance-based antennas”

No imageVincenzo Galdi
“for contributions to modeling the interaction between electromagnetic waves and complex materials”

No imageAnthony Grbic
“for contributions to the theory and design of electromagnetic metamaterials”

Dan Jiao photoDan Jiao
“for contributions to computational electromagnetics”

No imageAkhlesh Lakhtakia
“for contributions to isotropic chiral, bianisotropic materials, and metamaterials”

No imageAndrea Neto
“for contributions to dielectric lens antennas and wideband arrays”

No imageBranislav Notaros
“for contributions to higher order methods in computational electromagnetics”

No imageClaude Oestges
“for contributions to channel characterization and modeling for multiple-input multiple-output wireless communications”


2016 IEEE Fellows elevated by Other Societies

No imageTzyy-Sheng Horng
“for contributions to system-in-package modeling and design”

No imageLuca Perregrini
“for contributions to numerical techniques for electromagnetic modeling”

PoddarAjay Kumar Poddar
“for contributions to microwave oscillators”

No imageLorenz-Peter Schmidt
“for contributions to millimeter-wave and terahertz imaging systems”