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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2017

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2017 IEEE Fellows evaluated by AP-S

No imageNader Behdad
“for contributions to sub-wavelength electromagnetic periodic structures”

No imageFiliberto Bilotti
“for contributions to metamaterials for electromagnetic and antenna applications”

No imageDebatosh Guha
“for contributions to microstrip and wideband dielectric resonator antennas”

No imageMahbub Hoque
“for leadership in developing innovative antennas and advanced tactical communication technologies”

No imageRonghong Jin
“for development of high efficiency planar antenna arrays and miniaturized antennas for wireless systems”

No imageKenichi Kagoshima
“for contributions to antennas for satellite communication and mobile wireless access systems”

No imageCyril Luxey
“for the development of small antennas, multi-antenna system integration, and high performance mm-wave systems”

No imageMarta Martínez-Vázquez
“for leadership in integrated signal-aware technologies for antennas and global navigation satellite system arrays”

No imageCharles Rhoads
“for leadership in low cost and high performance array antenna technologies”

No imageZhongxiang Shen
“for contributions to 3D frequency selective structures and slot antennas”