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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2013

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Congratulations and best wishes for many productive years to the AP-S members of the 2013 class of IEEE Fellows. Fellows Evaluated by the Antenna & Propagation Society

Hiroyuki Arai
for contributions to the design and analysis of low profile antennas for mobile communications

Kwok Chan
for development of planar lens beamforming networks and broadband antennas

Yang Hao
for contributions to antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications

Ulrich Jakobus
for leadership in hybrid computational tool development and commercialization

Dean Mensa
for contributions to high-resolution radar cross section imaging

Zaiping Nie
for leadership in engineering and education in electromagnetics

Christian Pichot
for contributions to microwave tomography and antenna

John Schneider
for contributions to the finite-difference time-domain method in computational electromagnetics

Dennis Sullivan
for contributions to time-domain electromagnetic simulation

Guy Vandenbosch
for contributions to multilayer antennas and computational electromagnetics

Karl Warnick
for contributions to theoretical and numerical analysis of phased-array antennas and microwave systems

The following AP-S members were elected as fellows but elevated by another society:

Om-Prakash Calla (GRS)
for leadership in space applications of microwave technology and remote sensing

Leonid Grcev (EMC)
for contributions to transient electromagnetic modeling of grounding systems

Wen-Yan Yin (EMC)
for contributions to multi-physics solutions for intentional electromagnetic interference and nanostructure electromagnetic compatibility