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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2021

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2021 IEEE AP-S Fellows Evaluated by AP-S


Yi HuangYi Huang
“for contributions to rectenna technology”

Vitaliy LomakinVitaliy Lomakin
”for contributions to theoretical and computational electromagnetics“

Hanyang WangHanyang Wang
”for contributions to mobile terminal antennas”

Geyi WenGeyi Wen
“for contributions to antenna quality factor“

Zhinong YingZhinong Ying
“for contributions to mobile terminal antenna technology“


2021 Fellows elevated from other societies


Robert Shin Robert Shin
“for leadership in electromagnetic modeling of radar systems and in microwave remote sensing“

No image Rudy Emrick
“for contributions to the development of millimeter-wave communication systems“

No image Luciano Tarricone
“for contributions to microwave interactions with living systems and biomedical applications“