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Winner of the Second IEEE OJAP Video Contest

The winner of the Second IEEE OJAP Video Contest goes to Prof Konstantina S. Nikita and her team, Asimina Kiourti, Amin M. Abbosh, Maria Athanasiou, Toni Björninen, Aline Eid, Cynthia Furse, Koichi Ito, Gianluca Lazzi, Mohamed Manoufali, Matteo Pastorino, Manos M. Tentzeris, Katrina Tisdale, Erdem Topsakal, Leena Ukkonen, William G. Whittow, Huanan Zhang. They received the first place with a video for the article entitled “Next-Generation Healthcare: Enabling Technologies for Emerging Bioelectromagnetics Applications”, that was published in OJAP’s 3nd Volume. All video submissions were evaluated by an independent editorial judging committee based on several criteria including technical content, presentation, innovation, slides quality and video quality. Congratulations to the team again.