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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2019

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2019 IEEE AP-S Fellows


max ammannMax Ammann
“for contributions to compact antennas for wideband wireless applications”

olav breinbjergOlav Breinbjerg
”for leadership in spherical near-field antenna measurements“

Qing Xin ChuQing-Xin Chu
”for contributions to compact wideband antennas”

Denidni TaylebTayeb Denidni
“for contributions to frequency selective surfaces and their application to reconfigurable antennas“

Dejan FilipovicDejan Filipovic
“for contributions to frequency-independent and wideband antennas“

ChristopheFumeauxChristophe Fumeaux
“for contributions to resonant dielectric-loaded antennas“

Steven GaoSteven Gao
“for contributions to low-cost pattern-reconfigurable and broadband printed antennas“

Mc NamaraDerek McNamara
“for contributions to antenna synthesis and engineering“

Xianming QingXianming Qing
“for contributions to antennas for radio frequency identification systems“

Fan YangFan Yang
“for contributions to surface electromagnetics for antennas“


2019 IEEE Fellows Elevated by other IEEE Societies


No image Lin Zhong
“for contributions to the development of energy-efficient driver circuits for organic light-emitting diodes“

No image Lijun Jiang
“for contributions to broadband computational electromagnetic methods“

No image Pierre Blondy
“for contributions to radio frequency micro electromechanical systems“

No image Richard Campbell
“for contributions to millimeter and terahertz wafer-probe technology“

No image Nitin Jain
“for leadership in the development of physics-based models for mm-wave System-on-Chip ICs“

No image Mona Jarrahi
“for contributions to terahertz technology and microwave photonics“

No image Yuanxun Wang
“for contributions to time-varying and nonlinear electromagnetic devices and systems“