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IEEE AP-S Fellows 2008

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2008 List of Fellows

The following are the names and citations of members of the Antennas and Propagation Society who were elected as IEEE Fellows for the year 2008.

Fellows Evaluated by the Antenna & Propagation Society

Amir Boag
"For contributions to integral equation based analysis, design, and imaging techniques."

Jean-Charles Bolomey
"For contributions to probe array technology."

Felipe Catedra
"For contributions to using computational geometry in electromagnetic analysis."

Zhi Ning Chen
"For contributions to small and broadband antennas for wireless applications."

 No image Peter de Maagt
"For development and application of electromagnetic bandgap materials and terahertz components and systems."

Cynthia Furse
"For leadership in electromagnetics education."

Michael Jensen
"For contributions to antennas and propagation for mobile devices and mult-antenna wireless communications systems."

 No image Raphael Kastner
"For contributions to computational methods in electromagnetics."

Gianluca Lazzi
"For contributions to bioelectromagnetics and implantable devices."

Robert Lee
"For contributions to finite-element and finite-difference methods in electromagnetics."

Sergei Tretyakov
"For contributions to artificial electromagnetic media for applications in wireless and optical systems."

Jeffrey Young
"For contributions to electromagnetic wave propagation in complex media."

Fellows Elevated by Other Societies

David Giri
Pro-Tech, USA
"For contributions to intense electromagnetic environments interacting with comples electronic systems"

Joel Johnson
Ohio State University, USA
"For contributions to ocean surface remote sensing using microwave system"

William Joines
Duke University, USA
"For contributions to frequency-selective structures in microwave circuits, biology, and medicine"

Reinhard Knoechel
University of Kiel, Germany
"For contributions to microwave systems and sensors for industrial process control"

Waymond Scott
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
"For contributions to the detection of buried objects using ground penetrating radar"